Tuesday, February 8, 2011

21 Months old Today...

I never did get around to making their 20 month post oops. I kept meaning to but then there was the hospital and stuff and I just didn't. But they're 21 months and just three short months away from being two.

They're so cute right now and at such a fun age most of the time. Although neither of them say many words. Emerson says: Hi, daddy, baby, puppy, mama, ball, uh oh & Eli says: Hi, dada, ball, mama, uh and quack quack so we're not too far along with the speaking (and they're speech therapist says we want for them to have 50 words by two) but they do mimic our actions all the time.

The other day Emerson got ahold of my make brush and put it all over her face and you could tell she was just so proud of herself and this morning she had my deodorant (with the cap on) and she was putting it under her arms. (She watches me get ready for work every morning).

Eli is Marcus shadow and literally follows him all over the house. If Marcus goes to the kitchen Eli follows, if Marcus goes to the bathroom Eli follows. If Marcus leaves the house without Eli, Eli has a meltdown and stands by our garage door and asks for dada.

Eli especially copies are actions and Marcus is always saying "oops" I didn't think he was watching me. Like when Marcus took them to the park and spit (which I hate and ask him not to do) Eli then proceeded to spit. Marcus will toss his shoe to the side and Eli will throw his across the room. Pretty much everything Marcus does Eli tries to do too which is adorable and hilarious.

Emerson is also at a stage where she wants to do everything herself and she gets very frustrated when she can't or we insist on helping her. This drives Marcus crazy but I just tell him she's an independent woman.  She also has the best sound affects. She can't say a whole lot but she has an expressive sound for everything. I wish we could mic her because it's so funny. She's clumsy and when ever she trips or falls she always makes her noises, "oof, oh, umpf" in her cute little voice.

They both sleep well at night although Eli whines or cries in his sleep every single night. Sometimes he'll go back to sleep and sometimes he requires one of us to go and comfort him. I don't know what that's about.

Overall they're just funny crazy toddlers. (Oh and they still haven't mastered the sippy cup or any cup for that matter so we still have the freaking bottles which I'm so over).

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~Jess said...

I can hardly believe they'll be two in only a few months :-( I doesn't even seem that long as since we met up in Boston!