Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 Events/Memories in 2010...

1.) Our crazy flying adventure in February to get home for my sisters wedding. Because of the snow storms back east our flight kept being cancelled and we ended up with a crazy route which took us to North Carolina for an overnight stop. The babies were so amazing on the trip, they never cried, they slept at the hotel and we made it in time for the ceremony. 

2.) Graduations! I finished my masters degree and Marcus graduated with his bachelors really fun amazing memories were made during our three years of school in Connecticut. 

3.) Eli & Emerson's 1st birthday celebrated with our biggest support system and amazing Connecticut friends. I miss them all incredibly and I was glad that we had one last reason to celebrate (aside from graduation) before we all moved.

4.) Work. Not only did I finish an incredible internship this year I also started my first "real" job in a church. I'm excited to further the ordination process and eventually be appointed a church of my own.

5.) Our trip to Minnesota. We had such a great time with family that even puke fest 2010 didn't dampen the experience too much. 

6.) Forgiving my dad. It was a lot of work and I haven't forgotten the very real hurt he cause my family, but through my work in therapy I have reached a place of forgiveness. With that I feel an incredibly weight and burden lifted off my heart. It's still hard, and I still mourn for the family I should have, but I am also so grateful for the work of forgiveness. Theologically speaking forgiveness is something we spout off about all the time, but it's one of the most difficult things to actually do and live. It's a process, it takes time, and I didn't do it for my dad I did it for me and I feel a million times freer.

7.) The birth of my nephew Isaac. Although he isn't my first niece or nephew he's the first one that's been born since I've had time to heal from our infertility, my complicated pregnancy, my jacked up delivery, the NICU, PPD etc etc. For many many years babies have just been a source of pain and this has been true with the arrival of all of my most recent nieces and nephews (those 4 and under) and I can honestly say that with Isaac I only felt joy. Joy when I hold him, joy when I see him, joy at his arrival into the world. Thank the lord for more healing. 

8.) Therapy. I cannot say enough about my therapist and the gift that therapy gave me. Essentially they gave me my life back. I'm more independent and stronger emotionally and mentally then I've been in years. I can drive in a city! 3 years ago I would have thought that was impossible. 

9.) Meet my friend Jess in Boston. We've known each other for the past three years and it was nice to finally meet my internet friend in real life. Especially some one who has been "present" for all of the roller-coast of the last three years. 

10.) Watching the babies grow and turn into little people. Christmas this year was pure joy and magic. 

I had pictures to put with each of these things but blogger has informed me that I've reached my picture limit. So I need to look into that because if that's true and as Emerson now says, "wuht oh". 


~Jess said...

Forgiveness is never easy: It consist of every day making a conscious decision to forgive. I'm glad that you were and are able to forgive your father.

i have to admit #9 was a lot of fun: Both times!

kvaughn said...

YAY! Especially for numbers 6-8 =) But you forgot #11... meeting me!! haha jk