Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Christmas tree is its own kind of...

Christmas miracle.  Here's why:

~ We bought our first live tree November 29, 2010
~We took down our live tree January 2, 2011
~ We don't have a truck so said tree has been standing in our garage for the last 22 days
~ It has not been watered in at least 27 days
~ The tree is still very much alive. It's not brown, the needles are not falling off, it's not dry.

It's just standing there alive and Eli & Emerson still love it. Every time we go in the garage they still run up to it waving saying, "hi tee"

I think all the love from Eli & Emerson is possibly why it's still living. I have heard that plants do respond to  talking and such. Who knows Marcus & I are curious as to how long this thing can possibly live. We've had it in our possession for almost 2 months now. Our very own Christmas (tree) miracle.


~Jess said...

We took our tree out on Jan 14 and it was still fine. If you cut them fresh they can last quite a while.

Anonymous said...


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