Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just like daddy...

Right now Eli is Marcus' little shadow. Where ever Marcus goes Eli isn't too far behind, it's actually really adorable. Eli is also really starting to mimic everything we do especially the things that Marcus does. So today after Marcus was finished playing a game on his xbox. Eli picked up the controller, put the headset on his head (the best he could it's sticking straight out).

He was just like his daddy and he was so proud and really cute. 

Shifting notes Emerson and Eli had their follow up doctor appointment this morning. Eli is just fine and has gained over a pound in the last few months. Emerson on the other hand has lost some weight in the last two month (it's yet to be seen if this is problematic) and her oxygen levels still weren't great hovering around 90 and 91.

Her lungs are sounding much better thought and unless she spikes another fever or her breathing worsens again all we can do is wait it out. I really hope she feels much better soon. I know she feels awful, I know this and I truly feel awful for her. But holy cow I've been holding her pretty much non-stop for about the past 10 days.

If she's not in my arms she's screaming. It is seriously wearing on me in a big way. I wish she would at least let her dad have a turn or better yet just lay on her own for a moment. 

Oddly, enough though the doctor heard a murmur in Eli which is strange (and I'm not sure I believe him) because no one has ever mentioned such a thing except the traveling nurse once when he was 5 weeks old. As such it's hardly even worth mentioning but they're going to listen again at his 2 year well baby check up. (I guess if you can call it a "baby" check up when they're two *tear* they're getting so big). 


~Jess said...

Eli is just too cute: He's definitely proud of himself in that picture!

Praying that Emmy gets better quick! and that Eli's murmur is nothing.

Debbie said...

He's the cutest thing EVER.