Thursday, January 6, 2011

ER Visit and RSV...

My little Eli is sick. He's been sick forever it seems and was just finally starting to get better when yesterday he took a turn for the worse. He's had a fever, a crazy bad cough, and today he was wheezing and having trouble breathing.

Those who follow this blog at all know that we have the most messed up insurance situation in the universe  and no doctors will see them. We tried calling the university clinic where we went before but nobody answered the phone. We checked all the urgent cares in the city none of them accept our insurance, so finally around 5:00 we decided we just had to go to the ER.

We were there for around 3 hours. They gave him a breathing treatment which didn't really do much and they gave him motrin which helped get his fever down from 102. However, when we left his wheezing was still pretty bad and is O2 levels weren't great. The doctor did decide to let us go home but we need to watch all night and make sure it doesn't get any worse or we have to go back in.

They gave us a prescription for a steroid which is also suppose to help, but surprise we had trouble finding a place to actually fill it because of our insurance. Poor boy I hope he feels better soon, and I know this is wishful thinking but I really hope Emerson can avoid catching it.

I'm also grateful that he's older this RSV season. We were so scared about RVS last year (even with the synagis shots) I just hope he improves quickly and we don't need to return to the hospital.


~Jess said...

Praying that Eli is better soon and that Emmy avoids it.
I'm sorry you guys have such a jacked-up insurance. For what it is, it should be a lot better.

Carlita said...

So sorry that Eli is sick. Of all the difficulties of parenthood, sick children are by far the worst in my opinion....add to that the difficulties of dealing with a messed up health care system and you have a parental nightmare. I hope he pulls out of it very very soon.