Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So well taken care of...

I have to say in the wake of Emerson's illness and hospitalization I am so touched by all of the help and care we've received. Not only did my brother and sister immediately step up to help with Eli the first night, but then my mother-in-law drove over to help and she went grocery shopping for us (which is huge if you've read my issues with meals, grocery shopping etc).

Then my mom came and cleaned our house from top to bottom and did all of laundry. Plus the parishioners at my church have been amazing. We've had a meal delivered to us each night this week. I've had calls from others asking if there's anything they can do, many prayers and even heart shaped corn bread :~)

Many have stepped up to fill in for many of my duties which included preaching last sunday, youth group responsibilities and sunday school planning and organization. I even had an offer from someone to write my newsletter article for me. Although she wanted me to call her and tell her what to write so I figured that the whole thing might be kind of counter productive but it was a nice thought.

It's nice to know that if and when we need help and support we have a whole community ready to step in and assist. We also had someone pay the fee for Marcus' urgent care visit since he's currently without insurance and we had to pay out of pocket. So many incredibly blessings and we are so very thankful.

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~Jess said...

What a blessing!