Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the real world...

and now I'm really tired. I've had the last 10 days or so off from work as we all recovered from our various illnesses. Today was my first day back (aside from a couple of hours at the office on friday) and I'm exhausted.

Sunday mornings are always crazy and this one was particularly insane because I was a little confused about what was going on since I had been away for so long. So I was trying my best to look in charge and in command and then I mostly faked it a lot.

Then I had my first confirmation class today. I have a great group of 10 youth that I'll be working with for the next several months and helping them explore their faiths. I love teaching but again because I had been out all week it was another one of those things that I was faking.

Then I rushed home before our Financial Peace University that we're taking at another church. The church we're taking the class at is very different from my own. It's, well... it's a mega church and much more conservative than I am (as in they don't ordain women (and I'm a woman seeking ordination) and they don't like gays two big issues for me) but I figured the class is mostly about money and written by Dave Ramsey so I just ignore those parts of it since it's not as thought I'm joining the church or anything (I don't think they would want me anyways).

Today though they were having a baptism and they had a really big tank that looked like a bushel, then they filled it up with a hose. Then there was a ton of cheering throughout the baptism that I could hear from the classroom. Marcus whispered to me, "I think Jesus just entered the building." haha it's a learning experience for the two of us to be in such a different space and environment. (When I baptized my nephew a few months ago it was not nearly as exuberant and we didn't have a hose in the sanctuary).

Then after that I had a church retreat planning meeting that lasted for 3 hours and I didn't get home until 7pm.

Yup... I'm back to the real world.

Plus my tutoring job kicks into full gear this week. Oh my....

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~Jess said...

Yikes! Hopefully things go smoothly, albeit a bit chaotic.