Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm slightly helicopter-esque...

So I made that word up but I realized yesterday, much to my dismay, that I have a tendency to hoover around the babies. We took them to an indoor play area yesterday because they needed to get out of the house and the first thing that happened when we got there is Eli was knocked down.

Which honestly was fine. It was a total accident and those things happen. Then more and more kids kept arriving. Kids who were well over the 42 inch height requirement, and kids who decided the "no shoe" rule didn't apply to them. Then instead of actually parenting these kids adults took out their phones and started having conversations all the while their taller then 42 inch terrors are running like a bunch of maniacs around my tiny 30 inch children.

Eli & Emerson were very much the babies in the area and they were almost plowed over about 7,000 times. Then a little boy who was probably around 4 decided that Emerson was his new favorite thing ever and he wouldn't leave her alone. He kept trying to pick her up, she would give him a look and march off, and he would just follow. This on it's own was annoying but add in his constant coughing right into Emerson's face and it nearly sent me over the edge.

I kept sending looks over to the little boys dad so he could see his son trying to hoist my child around but he was happily engrossed in his phone conversation (seriously someone could have taken his son and he would have had no idea for at least 5 minutes). I kept grabbing both babies and bringing them to new areas to explore but the kid just followed right along, coughing into her face saying, "baby, baby here" as he tried to push her or pick her up.

Eventually, we just had to leave. Between the taller than 42 inch terrors and the coughing kid who was obsessed with Emerson it was just too much to take.

Maybe I'm just too uptight still (more therapy?) or maybe parents should you know parent, instead of talking on their phones while their kids tear apart a play area. They did have fun going down the slide though when the other kids weren't jumping off it yelling, "GET OFF MY HOUSE". *sigh*

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