Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I don't think we're ever going to get well..

I feel like we all just keep passing the illness from one person to the next. Eli seems to be doing better. Still has an awful cough and runny nose but his breathing sounds better and he has more energy. Now Emerson is sick, and when she's sick she is the most dramatic over the top baby I have ever seen.

She clings to whoever is around, she cries and screams, and it's just exhausting. For the last several days I have had her in my arms pretty much non-stop when I'm home, and I think thanks to all the "togetherness" she has given me whatever they have which is just manifesting itself if sinus pain and body aches.

I haven't slept in what seems like several days and I'm sitting at my desk surrounded by kleenex trying to decide if I should just call it a day, since my productivity is zero.

I'm ready for us all to be well.

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