Saturday, January 15, 2011

Night 3...

We're onto night 3 in the hospital and we've finally had some improvement. They weaned her off oxygen this afternoon and assuming she can stay off of it all night then we'll more than likely be discharged sometime tomorrow (sunday).

Marcus and I are also both still really sick so we each went to urgent care today in shifts and now we're both on antibiotics as well. Hopefully sometime soon we'll have a totally healthy household.

Poor Eli is hanging in there. Every time he wakes up he has someone new watching him. He's been with my brother, my sister, my mother in law, and now my mom. I finally saw him briefly today and when I walked in the door he clapped, yelled, and ran to me. He's so confused and keeps looking for Emmy. My poor babies.

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Carlita said...

Sounds like everybody's going in the right direction. I think that you should have a party once the WHOLE family is finally healthy. Hopefully very soon!