Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have I mentioned how much I hate our insurance...

Yes I know I have but it's an ongoing issue.  I hate hate hate the insurance coverage that Eli & Emerson have it sucks. Today I was calling the doctor to make some follow up appointments for them to see how they're doing. No big deal right?

Yeah, no big deal if you don't have the worst insurance in the universe. I called and apparently their primary care provider listed on their card no longer works at that clinic. So the clinic could not make them an appointment until we called the company and had them assign a new PCP. Okay fine. So I spent a freaking hour trying to get it all switched around just so Eli & Emerson could be see. Then I had to call the clinic back to confirm that the switch was actually in place and they did in fact have an appointment. 1.5 hours to schedule a doctor appointment isn't unreasonable at all right? argajkfjaljdf!!

There was also some mention about needing to alert somebody about ER visits and hospital stays. Apparently we're suppose to the call their PCP 24 hours afterwards. Too bad the PCP listed on their card didn't exist. Their insurance better cover Eli's ER visit and Emerson's hospital stay. Argggg why does it have to be so ridiculous?

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~Jess said...

Grr! Hopefully they don't give you any problems with covering bills