Friday, September 9, 2011

want to hear something hilarious?

My church is having a yard sale tomorrow and so I spent all day assisting with the sorting and pricing. I had some boxes left over from the yard sale my family had in June and since my items were already priced other people were taking the things out of the boxes and putting on the table.

So I totally forgot all about this:
(This is not me. Image from here) I never looked this put together with newborn twins. Plus my stomach, post twins looks nothing like this unfortunately. 

My hands free nursing bra from back in the early days of Eli & Emerson's life. I pumped exclusively for about the first 6 months and I was pumping 18-12 times a day. So this (as awkward looking as it is) was a life savor for me.  

However, to the untrained eye it just looks like a really inappropriate bra with strategically placed holes. As we were arranging the tables one of my parishioners picked it up and exclaimed, "What in the heck is this?"

I about died laughing. Because it's incredibly awkward and um... just weird looking. Even I think so, but it's an incredibly valuable tool for the pumping mother.

Then another parishioner grabbed it and put it on her face and said, "Maybe it's a mask?"

Bwhahahah again I about died. I explained the purpose of the bra, and they both looked relieved and then suggested and I label it with specific information as to its function. So I did with a really large tag.

There was a time in my life with this would have been embarrassing for me but these days I don't care. I just thought the entire thing was hilarious. It's a weird looking item of clothing, I don't blame them for giving it the side eye. (But it was also expensive almost $30 so I really do hope some other young mother can get some use out of it). 

I can only imagine what kinds of initial thoughts they must have had about me, their pastor, upon first seeing the item. 

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~Jess said...

At least they were women who discovered it lol i think I would have been mortified if they were men! Lol