Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I turned 27, Emmy gets glasses, I get a black eye...

We had a full day around here. This morning Emmy had her eye doctor appointment part II. We went to a totally different doctor this time.

Little Emmy was not the most cooperative eye patient. She's leery of doctors and has been for awhile. That coupled with the new things they wanted her to do didn't go very well. They tried to have her do a "baby" eye chart where they pointed to a shape on the eye chart and she was suppose to point to the same one on the card I was holding. That didn't work at all.

Then they wanted her to put her chin and head on a device so they could look at her eyes and get some measurements. She just wouldn't do that at all. Luckily, she did really well with some of the other exams and the doctor was able to see her lazy eye and also check the back of her retina.

Although I did give my the doctor the side eye when she asked me, "Does she ever complain to you about having double vision?" Um.. no she's two, is just starting to talk, and I don't think she has a clue what double vision is.

They wouldn't let Eli and Marcus come back with us which upset her (Eli was with us because he had to get some labs drawn). I mentioned that sometimes she's more cooperative if she sees Eli do something first so I mentioned that and the doctor thought it was worth trying.

When the doctor told her assistance I heard the assistance say, "That's not going to work her brother is younger than she is. We shouldn't even bother." She was incredibly rude. I wanted to interrupt their conversation but didn't and we brought Eli back and clarified they were the same age. Eli did all the exams without any issue but Emmy was done.

Long story short, Emmy is getting classes to hopefully help strengthen the left eye. The doctor is hoping that since we caught it young that we can avoid any patching or more extensive measures. So we'll see.
After the eye doctor we went to lunch and then the bookstore (part of my birthday celebration). Then Marcus and the kids baked a cake and cooked my favorite dinner.

It was a great day until Eli threw a flashlight at my eye which resulted in a cut, severe pain on the entire left side of my face.

You could tell he felt really bad and he started crying. Then he kept hugging me and saying sorry mommy.

Later during bedtime prayers we got to the part where we pray for our families and say "Thank you for mommy, daddy etc. etc." Emmy said, "Mommy owie bubba." So she prayed for me... or something.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. My face is throbbing like crazy. I knew his habit of throwing everything was going to hurt somebody one day.

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~Jess said...

Sounds like an intense day. Emerson must look adorable with her glasses on: Does she give you a hard time with wearing them? Sounds like a great time with the doctor's office though...sheesh.

I've been brained with a huge maglite flashlight before....ouch.

Glad you had a decent birthday :-)