Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People say funny things...

Eli and Emmy saw a new doctor today, and we actually really liked her. She's the doctor in our small town of Mayberry and I think I would like her to be my friend. She's not much older than I am and I need a friend haha.

Anyways, prior to seeing the doctor Eli & Emmy were weighed and measured.

Emmy: 24lbs 7oz 34in.  Eli 25lbs 11oz 34in.

They also had to get their fingers pricked to check their hemoglobin. Emmy flipped out poor girl. Eli on the other hand didn't flinch or cry or even care. I think we was fascinated by the whole process.

We were talking with the nurse some and she said a few things that just made me laugh.

Emmy is really anxious around medical personal. She's been that way since our visit with Dr. Wack-job and since her hospitalization in January.

I explained to the nurse that Emmy was a little nervous because of her hospital stay. The nurse asked why she was hospitalized and I told her RSV.

The nurse then asked, "Does she still have it?" Um... no 8 months later and she's in the clear. I think maybe she had a misunderstanding about what RSV is.

Then she asked why we moved to Mayberry and I told her I was the pastor at one of the churches.

Then she says, "You guys are really young huh? Like under 20."

*Sigh* no not a teenager. Armed with the following information: Mother of 2 year old twins, pastor at a church, her best guess for my age was at the oldest 19. Good lord. I do not look that young. Plus even if I did the basic information she had about me would tell her that I'm older than that.

I told her I was going to be 27 in a week, she didn't really seem to believe me.

The doctor was great though and we got yet another referral to an eye doctor for Emmy. Let's hope it works this time.


Carlita said...

Great that you found a good doctor. With all the problems our medical system has, thankfully a lack of good professionals is not one of them. I'd love to hear what they eye doctor says about Emmy. I am sure (sort of) that g has a similar issue only the doctor didn't catch it when I took him but I think I should probably go back.

Also Congratulations to Marcus!

~Jess said...

The age thing that you get cracks me up: I'm sure it's not as funny to you. I just think people have a really issue figuring out ages sometimes.

That's awesome that you guys find a doctor that you like and the kids seems to be ok with.