Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things my kids do/say...

* Eli broke my computer a couple of days ago. The "L" button no longer works. Luckily we still have Marcus'. Emmy said to Eli in her longest sentence to day, "Naughty, naughty broke computer bubba."

* Marcus has been teaching Eli & Emerson some magic tricks. Eli was sticking a quarter in his ear. Emmy threw two quarters and then said, "Quarters go?" Then she struck two quarters between her toes. Not really sure how that's magic but it was hilarious.

* The bottle issue isn't going very well. They still get a bottle pretty consistently. Tonight Eli was crying for a bottle before bed. I carried him into his room and he sat down, folded his hands, and with big tears running down his face, and he voice all choked he said the saddest prayer I've ever heard, "Tank tu, mama, dada, amen." He just sounded so sad and looked so sad. Poor baby.

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