Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another bad idea...

I've learned that lots of things may appear to be good ideas but when you add two year old twins to the mix it just turns into a disaster.

The newest bad idea of mine was to go for a run. Which isn't so bad, except Marcus wanted to come, which also means Eli & Emmy had to come along for the ride.

Since we both hate running with the stroller I had the bright idea that we would go to the track at the high school. Marcus and I would run and Eli and Emerson could play in the middle of the big grassy field. Brilliant!

It started off okay. Marcus and I began our first lap and Eli and Emerson were playing happily. Then they looked up and saw us at the end of the first straight and so they both took off running after us.

Okay, that too was fine. Until we kept moving away from them, thus confusing them, and they both started crying. So we towards them and then Emerson decided she was going to run with me around the track. It was a valiant effort from my sweet girl and she actually did really well but of course no one was expecting her to actually run a quarter of a mile.

So in all Marcus ran 1 lap and I ran 1.5 laps. Major fail. But I think Eli and Emerson may be runners, especially Emmy. Looks like from here on out Marcus and I are going to need to stagger our running times.


Creole Wisdom said...

Well, at least you tried! I'm not about to run anytime soon (was a runner in high school, I actually suck at it.)

~Jess said...

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me...I guess theory is different than application though :-P

I love running, but I hate it too.