Thursday, September 1, 2011

Small things...

Just some small things I want to remember or comment about.

Today I found a video on you tube (while search for videos about trains because both Eli & Emmy wanted to watch the "Choo-choos") and I saw an alphabet video.

It went like this, "A is for apple ah, ah apple, B is for Ball buh buh ball... etc etc."

Eli was so intent while watching the video and he kept trying to imitate the words and the sounds. He was really good at "ah ah apple, hu hu hat, and pa pa pig" He was so focused on every sound, letter, and image that came on the screen.

(Just a side note, trying to write the sounds of each letter was an interesting experience for me. I didn't know how to spell them hopefully you get the idea).

Then later he was walking around singing "ah ah apple, ah ah ball" he's so cute.

I've recently shared with you what Emerson's crib looks like with all of the stuff she puts in there before bed. Tonight, we overlooked the fact that piggy (her most favorite thing in the world) was not in the crib. She went down okay but then a few minutes later she started crying really really hard. I went in the room and through her tears she whispered, "pig, pig, are you pig"

It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. When I brought piggy into her she was so relieved and laid right back down. Dear lord please never let us lose the pig.

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~Jess said...

I know exactly the thing you're talking about. It's the phonics program we used when homeschooling my sister. I'd love the link! I still remember the entire song. Eli sounds adorable singing it!

I think you need to have a few back ups of pig made ASAP! Poor girl.