Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End of an Era...

Yesterday at nap time Eli was doing some crib hopping. So we moved the cribs apart from one another thinking that would solve the problem. Except when I went to check on them he was just wandering around the room. I put him back in his crib and left again. When I checked again he was in his sister's crib. So clearly he could successfully get in and out of his crib and I was worried he was going to break his head open. So good-bye cribs. Hello toddler beds.

So sad. They were beyond excited though. Seriously bouncing around, running everywhere. We were pretty sure that last night was going to be a disaster.
Notice that the crib hopping didn't stop. Now it's just bed hopping. We had to go in a few times because they were running back and forth from one bed to the next. But it didn't take them very long to fall asleep and when they did...

Everything ended up in one bed. All the blankets, stuffed animals and both kids. 
Around midnight we heard a *thump* and we ran in to discover Eli had fallen out of the bed. Hilariously enough he didn't wake up from the fall and even slept through the transition back to his bed.(Please excuse their "pajamas" their real PJs were dirty so they're wearing oversized March of Dimes T-shirts). 

Nap time today was another story. Oh my lord. They totally trashed the place. Took everything off the bed, took everything out of their drawers, took all their diapers and threw them everywhere. Luckily, there's not really a whole lot in their room, but they were not good at all. I'm not sure what to do about that. So here goes night #2. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Update night #2~~~~~~~~~~~~
It took a little longer tonight for them to go to sleep. They kept getting out of their beds. When we would catch them out of their beds Eli would dive head first back into bed and then pretend to sleep. Emmy just ignored me. They eventually fell asleep. Once again in the same bed. (They also tore the sheets off. That drives me crazy.) 


foxy said...

very cute! I love the pictures :)

My sisters and I slept in one big bed for A LONG time, maybe until I was in 3rd grade. I suppose it was easier that way, i know I loved it and still dislike sleeping by myself.

JustaKidAtHeart said...

It will get better. I have to admit though that naps went out the window for a long time and we took EVERYTHING out of the room (into the closet) but the beds.

~Jess said...

The whole pulling the sheets off thing would drive me nuts too: My bed has to be perfect, in order for me to sleep.

I am not looking forward to big-kid bed transitions: I'm just not ready to deal with A, because I know she will be a terror in her room.

Hopefully they settle back into a routine soon.