Friday, May 13, 2011

Their 2nd Birthday Finally...

I finally have a second to post some pictures and a recap of their second birthday. Their birthday was on Mother's day this year which I really liked. I liked having the focus on them instead of me after all they are the reason I even get to be recognized on mother's day.

I had to work that morning and then right after we packed up our car and drove to our hometown (160) miles away for their party. We decided to do it that way since pretty much all of the family lives there.

The day was beyond hectic and tiring but we managed to pull off a little family birthday party.
We had a balloon theme, since balloons are pretty much their most favorite thing in the world.

My attempt at a cake. *sigh* I should have known better than to try and do it myself. It's suppose to be a bunch of balloons... eh I tried.

Eli & Emmy in their birthday shirts

Opening presents

Emmy was more into opening presents than Eli 

More presents

A new chair from Grammy

Both of them in their new rocking chairs

The cake

I was impressed because they both actually managed to blow out their candles. 

It took Emmy a little bit of extra time to get them out

Trying to get a picture of Eli & Emmy with their cousins. But it didn't work very well.

Going for a ride in their new wagon

This picture cracks me up. We went back over to my in-laws after the party and it was pretty late at this point. My in-laws are laying tile in their kitchen and dining room so the floor is a construction zone. Emmy was tired from all the excitement and laid down on the floor with her piggy. 

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~Jess said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Babies! How are you already 2?! How has it already been a year since we saw you?!

I loved the invite Sadie (it's been a bit crazy, sorry for not emailing you)! I think you did a great job with the cakes and decorate! I love their shirts!

I agree with you about the kiddos being the only reason I get to be a part of mother's day (I remember giving my mom that rationale when I was a kid...she didn't take to it well).