Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The many storms...

This spring has been heavy with devastation caused my tornados and other natural disasters. I have a hard time even beginning to imagine what those in the areas affected are experiencing as they literally attempt to piece their lives back together, while mourning the loss of family, friends, homes, schools, work, churches.

I'm sure that those who read this blog are aware of many ways to help but I did want to give another option. The United Methodist Committee on Relief is one of the first responders around the world when disaster hits.

Even better 100% of any money donated goes to the designated area. If you feel called or led to donate to those affected by the storms, most recently in Joplin, MO you can go to this link here

If you click around on the site you can find more information about the work they're doing around the world and see how you can give to any of those sites.

Many prayers for those affected. It's truly heartbreaking.

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