Monday, May 23, 2011

A New (to us) car!

Our internet has been down for the last 36 hours so I've been doing laundry (seriously we have a big backlog of laundry and it feels like for 36 hours straight I've been doing laundry) but we had a pretty exciting and long day yesterday and bought a new vehicle.

Our last car was more than past its prime. I purchased it when I was a senior in high school back in 2002. Since then the car has seen me through 3 graduations, 3 states, 2 cross-country moves, 2 kids, and about a 100,000 miles. We've had a nice long run together the Focus and me, but it was to the point where I hoped I would get from one point to the next while in town, and the thought of taking it on any kind of a trip was pretty much impossible.

Marcus and I have been researching vehicles for the last several weeks and learned that they cost a lot more than the 8,000 I bought my Focus for almost a decade ago.

But then yesterday we found a 2009 Dodge Journey that we could actually afford. What we did not know was the sheer number of hours it takes to actually complete the car buying transaction. Just in case you were wondering, you should never take 2 year old twins with you for this... they did okay for the first 2 hours but by the last 2 hours they were more than over it (as was I).

We some how managed to get the salesman who is stuck in the dark ages. Not only could he not use a computer, but he entered all of Marcus' information (ignoring me). When he asked Marcus where he worked he was a bit dismayed to learn that Marcus stays at home, and therefore he needed to address me. (Plus when I wouldn't budge on something he turned from me and said, "so what do you think Marcus..." um hello sir I already told you the answer).

So we started over. Then when trying to do the financing piece of it we got a guy who started work yesterday and he didn't fully know what he was doing quite yet.

Finally, we drove away in our new to us car...

and they only called me 4 times today and had me come back down twice to re-sign the same paperwork... *sigh* I'm trying to ignore the incompetence and just be happy that we found a reliable vehicle that we can fit our entire family in (it was really questionable in the focus Marcus and I were both right next to the dashboard to make room for Eli & Emerson's enormous car seats).
Our new car, sitting next to our old car. 

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Jess said...

Yay! How exciting!

They did the same thing to me when we bought my Used Malibu in 2006...completely ignored me and I was the one doing all the financial stuff, plus they then registered it in Matt's name (after they had been told it should be in mine, to make my life easier with the insurance etc).
There is no place in the world more chauvinistic than a car dealership!

Enjoy the new car smell!