Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cardiology appointments and all is well...

Eli & Emerson finally saw the cardiologist (they were referred back in early March). They were suppose to go last tuesday but I totally forgot about the appointment. I pretty much never forget things and I find it very unsettling when I do.

The short of it is both Eli & Emerson have murmurs, different kinds of murmurs, but they are both benign and should never cause a problem. Good enough for me all is well.

I do have to mention though that Eli is the best little patient. He had another appointment with the ENT on Monday and when the doctor came in he pointed to his ears and then turned his head so the doctor could have a look. (His left ear is still not quite right so we'll go back again and hope for some more improvement).

Today, at the cardiologist when the doctor was doing the heart ultrasound thing (it's late and I've forgotten the technical term) Eli just sat there not moving at all.

The doctor was amazed and mentioned that Eli was spoiling him by allowing him to have extra views of the heart, for an extra amount of time so the med student could have a look as well. The doctor mentioned that Eli might be a future cardiologist (which would make Marcus happy. Marcus has a special fascination with the heart and there's a piece of him that wishes he were the cardiologist).

The doctor was also very kind and very good at his job. I so appreciate those kind of doctors, although I'm happy to report we should never have to see him again.


Debbie said...

good to know all is well.
and when I picture him being such a good patient, I smile.

~Jess said...

I'm glad that all looks good! What little troopers those two were with their appointments!