Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just some things...

I'm too scattered and tired right now for a coherent post so I'm going to do bullet points.

  • The reason I'm so tired is I've started exercising. Mostly doing the 30 day shred and yesterday I went running. Let me tell you that running uphill with two toddlers in a stroller is a joke. At the top of the hill I was light headed, dizzy, couldn't breathe, plus the sun was blinding me. I was pretty sure I was seeing the light and that was the end of it. Marcus walked up the hill and then said, "see I told you not to run up it." haha...

  • Speaking of working out Marcus has been going to the gym and has already lost 8 lbs.

  • I think I must take a lot of pictures of my children, because the other day Emerson had 3 of her stuffed animals and she was moving them to different locations in the room. Then holding Marcus ipod touch up and saying "cheese" it was hysterical and adorable. I imagine that is what I must look like moving them around, begging them to hold still and then saying "cheese" while trying to get a picture. They are so observant.

  • Speaking of observant. Sometimes we empty out their piggy banks and let them put the coins back in. Good fine motor skill work plus it keeps them busy. Marcus flipped a coin today in front of them, which in toddler world translated to taking handfuls of pennies and throwing them up in the air. So much for that calm activity. 

  • I became a certified candidate for ordination on Tuesday. Which means I've passed onto the next step. I was also approved to get my own church appointment should one open up. We'll see what happens but it was all very good news.

  • The babies birthday is on sunday. We are not prepared and I've decided I'm just not a party planner. I see all these cute things that people do for parties and it looks so great. I wish I could just hire someone to do it for me.

  • I think that's about it. Good night.


creole wisdom said...

Are you becoming a pastor? I think that is incredible. Wow. :)

sadie607 said...

Yes I'm in the process of becoming an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church

~Jess said...

I don't think I would have survived WALKING up a hill pushing two kids in a stroller, let alone run! I hate how easily guys lose weight: Not fair!

They really are little mimics....every day they find something else new and we stand there going "oops".

Congrats on being certified for ordination: I know that was a lot of stress on your plate.

Loved the invite for the birthday party: I think they looked great!

I moved my blog...I emailed you the new link.