Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emerson cried when she was born...

random title I know. I received copies of Emerson's medical records to day and learned that she cried at birth. Until this morning I never had that information and it always bothered me. (I was under general anesthesia) and I forgot to ask during all the NICU stuff because frankly it wasn't the most pressing issue.

When I read that this morning I almost started crying. It gave me such a sense of peace and relief to know that even though neither Marcus or I were "there" to witness her birth or hear her cry when she was born she was okay. I also learned she had APGAR of 9 and 9, and that she had renal ultrasounds because of her two vessel cord. This is all new information. I wonder why the NICU never shared that she was getting renal ultrasounds done. I was always curious why the 2 vessel cord thing was always part of the nurses report when they changed shifts. Guess I now know. Luckily, it seems all was fine (not that they ever told us).

I didn't get to read much before going to work but I'm glad to see and read the records and I'm eagerly waiting for Eli's to arrive.

On a more annoying note also in her records is a note from the doctor who did her hip ultrasounds. In this note it states that, "Emerson is a healthy baby boy." Um... yeah except she's not a boy. Seriously?? He took her diaper off to do the ultrasound not to mention the yellow dress she was wearing (yes I remember what she was wearing), and the rest of the records that indicate she's female.

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