Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's nice to hear...

Marcus is really sick. I went to work for part of the day but came home around the time I knew the babies would be waking up from their nap to give him a break.

I got home and immediately told him to go downstairs and rest. We have some really huge pumpkins sitting in our living room from my dad's garden so I decided it would be fun to sit them on top of them. They both loved this game. Eli would shriek with happiness and clap every time I lifted him up, because the other fun part for him was to slide down off the pumpkin. It was hysterical and I made up some song about sitting on pumpkins (because that's just what I do I tend to make things into songs).

Emerson on the large pumpkin. I tried to get a picture of Eli but I only had my phone and he kept sliding off before I could get one. He just looks like a blur in his.

As we were playing I got a text message from Marcus that said, "You're a good mother and I love to listen to you playing with them. Love you."

Such a simple sweet message that means a lot to me, especially since I often question my own skills at motherhood. It's been a really huge struggle and I was recently informed by one of my sisters that all I do is complain about the babies, which only further spoke to my fears.

I suppose it's just nice to know that my counterpart in all of this thinks I'm doing an okay job.

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