Friday, October 8, 2010

Story time attempt...

This morning I was feeling a little bit ambitious and decided we should try out story time at our new library. The ages for toddler story time are 18 months - 3 years and since the babies are 17 months today I figured close enough.

There were so many kids and Eli & Emerson were by far the youngest. It seems like most of the others were closer to three. At first they both hung back nervously. Emerson clung to us and Eli just stood right by his dads feet looking.

It started okay because they were both willing to sit on our laps but then Eli decided that it wasn't so scary and he didn't want to be contained. Since most of the other kids were sitting by themselves we just let him go. Eli marched right up to the lady reading the book, in front of all the other kids and parents and reached up and tried to take the book right out of her hands. I was holding Emerson so Marcus had to go to the front and get him, and if you know Marcus you realize that walking in front of a room full of people is really not something he enjoys and his face was bright red.

Although in Eli's defense when we read books at home he gets to hold them, help turn the pages, and touch the pictures. So he was just trying to do the same at story time. Haha it was hilarious especially Marcus' face.

Then it was time for some musical numbers and each kid was given a shaker with bells on them. Eli and Emerson both loved this, except Eli decided he needed more than one, so once again off he marched to the front of the room, reached up onto the chair, and tried to take another shaker out of the box. I was able to pry him away with only a mild screaming fit on his part.

Things were okay for a moment (except Eli got hit in the face by another kids shaker) but those things happen. Then it was time to return the shakers. Well Eli and Emerson were not having any part of that. They wanted to keep them. So Eli proceeded to throw his very first public tantrum, while Emerson just screamed with huge tears running down her face.

Marcus and I decided at this point just to call it a day and as soon as we made it to the parking lot we both just burst out laughing. Holy cow taking these babies places is a lot of work... and Eli... well he certainly isn't shy.

Maybe we'll have better luck next week if we're brave enough to try again.


Debbie said...

I'm laughing so hard!!

Carlita said...

So funny. I've been trying to get up the courage to take my son Gio to story time for weeks now and it's just never been the right day. I might just wait another year after reading this post!

~Jess said...

Oh my! Our story time is 6-7pm on a Thursday...what little kid is decent enough to take out at that time?! Glad you guys were able to laugh, it sounds like it was a fun time.