Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We finally have progress on the health care drama. Yesterday I was just fed up with waiting so I called the office (and after being on hold for 30 min) I spoke with someone who was completely unhelpful. So I decided I just need to talk to the caseworker in charge (of course getting the caseworker information is top secret). The woman I was speaking to informed me that she wasn't allowed to transfer my calls but she would leave a message, and wonder of all wonders that actually worked.

The case worker called me this morning, I faxed over one last piece of information and by the afternoon I learned that we didn't qualify for the month of September, but who cares since October is half way over, but the babies do qualify for medicaid going forward. Finally, it only took 2.5 months of nonsense but the babies are covered.

Although I did have to laugh because my next question was how the whole thing worked, finding providers etc. Her answer, "I have no idea." Good lord woman that's your job, so our next task is to find the babies a pediatrician. Yay for progress!!


We had an appointment with a nutritionist this morning to talk about Eli since we still have concerns about his eating and making sure he's getting enough of what he needs. It was a really helpful session since feeding the babies is such a stressful thing for me. Most of the advice has been, "Feed the babies what you feed yourself" except that doesn't work since I'm among the pickiest eaters in the world. I know they need to eat way differently than I feed myself.

She gave us several specific ideas that we had never thought about and she was really affirming of what we've already been doing. Eli is small for his age but still on his own growth curve and nothing to be concerned about. He weighed a little under 22 lbs today which was at the very bottom of the chart. Although his head is in the 97%, our Eli has always had a rather large head.

And just because they crack me up some pictures. They're obsessed with baskets and they like to try and sit in them (even though the baskets are too small) and then Emerson who lacks some of her brothers coordination gets stuck and screams. Fun times.

Eli sitting in his basket.

Emerson trying to get in hers.

Emerson looking at her brother for some tips on how to get into the basket. 

Emerson deciding that Eli's basket must be better than hers. 

Emerson finally got into the basket but then Eli decided he needed to stand in two. 

Marcus and I were really entertained watching the whole thing unfold. It's also funny because Emerson needs to hold onto something in order to step into the basket. So she'll pick the basket up and place it where she thinks it needs to go, but she can't judge distances, so the basket is usually really far from the object she wants to hold onto. She repeats this process 4 or 5 times before her basket is finally close enough to the couch or coffee table. 

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~Jess said...

YAY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE!!!! I'm so glad that you FINALLY got all of that squared away and the babies are covered: WOOHOO!

That's great that the nutrionist had some ideas of what to do with Eli and his eating.

Those pictures of them and the baskets are great!