Thursday, October 7, 2010

Everyone is better...

except me. However, since I'm the only insured member of my family maybe that's for the best, and better me than the babies. I came home from work today and just slept and yesterday I left early and slept, and tomorrow... well tomorrow I HAVE to go to work I don't have a choice and I'm just hoping for some strength to get through it.

I did bite the bullet and call a doctor, she can't see me until Monday. Okay great. I'll just suffer for 4 four days no problem, the most annoying part is they had openings for tomorrow just no openings for new patients. I swear, insurance, doctors, etc. etc. I'm not a fan these days.

I feel horrible, thank goodness for Marcus, and that the babies have slept through the night the lasts 5 days.

And I do have other things to blog about I just haven't felt well so all you get is health updates and me whining about our health care. Seriously my senators are so getting letters from me.

Oh, and I was hired for the tutoring position. So I'll do training sometime next week, get assigned my students and add more to my already full schedule, such is life.

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Carlita said...

I'm glad most everyone is feeling better. I really hope you can find a way to manage without taking on additional work. Seriously, preventive health care is important (like resting on occasion). No matter what, I hope you feel much better soon.