Saturday, October 9, 2010

17 Months!! (One day late)

My babies are 17 months already. Honestly there's not too many new developments in their lives since 16 months. No new teeth, no new words. They are insanely active, the laugh and play together, and argue over things.

We started doing some baby sign language at the request of EI and they can both sign "more" and "all done". Eli is making a lot of progress in the eating department but he still doesn't really chew his food which is concerning.

They're crazy, adorable kids, and we love them.
Emmy wouldn't smile for the camera (Marcus did her hair he's improving). 

Where as Eli loves it. He's starting to learn that a camera means smile.

And they are actually both facing the camera for once. 


~Jess said...

They're both so adorable! Love those outfits!

Julie said...

They are precious! And the matching pjs are way too cute!