Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun...

We had another busy weekend. The babies went to see a new pedi. on friday (more on that later) and then we drove to our hometown for a quick visit. We stayed the night with Marcus' parents and I love watching Eli & Emerson interact with their grandparents. The both just adore their gram and granddad and they are also starting to get familiar with their house.

My MIL has a drawer on an end table that Eli is obsessed with. He almost immediately goes over to that drawer and starts pulling out the contents. My MIL knowing this put a few Halloween objects inside of him. Emerson also remembered the slot machine in the garage. So she ran over to the garage door and signed "more" and pointed. That girl loves to gamble haha.

Then Saturday on our way back home we stopped at a Farm with a corn maze and pumpkin patch and met up with some of our friends from high school. They were so much fun this year. Last year they looked like this...
They couldn't sit up and had no awareness of what we were doing. It's crazy what a difference a year makes.
Of course getting a picture of the two of them looking at the camera is impossible. They were both staring at a group of kids in this picture.

Emmy would not smile for the camera she wanted down.

And so did Eli, he's actually in the process of getting off the hay in this picture.

They were way more interested in the rocks than all the pumpkins.

Finally looking at a pumpkin

Emerson and Marcus (She's pointing at a dog)

This was perhaps one of the worst ideas we had. I asked if they thought they could handle this ride by themselves and was told yes. So we buckled Eli in...

And Emerson (notice how loose her seatbelt is)

And then decided that the seatbelt in Emerson's wouldn't work so I climbed in to, but I was still worried about Eli. We took off, on this bouncy ride pulled by a wagon and I watched Eli in front of me sliding down and being bumped everywhere. In about two seconds he was screaming (luckily the woman driving the tractor was very aware and immediately stopped). Poor baby. She looked at me and said, "Is this one your too?" And then she put him on my lap as well.

So here we are in the third one back. Me and the babies bouncing all over in a contraption that was not built for an adult. They both had fun on my lap and every time we passed the goats Emerson shouted, "hi". I think we were all relieved when the ride ended. Maybe we'll try this again next year. 

Heading into the corn maze with some of our friends from high school. Marcus, the crazy guy that he is tried to convince me that we didn't need the stroller. I made him go to the car and get it no way was I going to carry a baby all the way through the maze. They were much happier in their stroller eating
and playing peek-a-boo...

Which Emerson is getting quite good at.

And a family picture. Where 3 of the 4 of us are smiling and we're all facing forward. This is due in part to a woman who saw us posing for a picture. She went behind my friend and starting being really ridiculous which made Emmy laugh and i think it just confused Eli.

It was a really fun day. They're so much fun these days and so full of personality. 

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~Jess said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! The kids are so cute in those outfits!