Monday, October 11, 2010

A day of Appointments...

We had a busy day around here especially since it was my day off and I still don't feel well (more whining from me just a warning). I had the first appointment of the day at the insane hour of 8 AM Marcus had to force me out of the bed because I did not sleep well last night and I was exhausted.

Luckily I mustered up some energy and went off. I actually really like this doctor. She was very thorough with my medical history (which can be a little bit ridiculous). She gave me are referral for a G.I for my Crohns, gave me the name of a therapist in town, and wants to reexamine the fibro. stuff since it all got kind of sidetracked with the pregnancy and all that followed.

She however was not so helpful with my current illness. I've had the worst headache for the last 5 days to the point that I literally cannot function. I can't move, it hurts to stand etc. She told me it was probably muscular?? and it should go away and I was probably still fighting a viral infection. I don't know what it is but it needs to go away right now. It's unlike any headache I've ever had (and I have heads all the time).

After my appointment Eli had two appointments. One for his speech evaluation and an evaluation with an OT. So that took two hours of our day. They both were really well behaved though considering the amount of time it took.

Then they wouldn't nap, and Emerson learned how to take off her diaper. When they finally fell asleep I found Emerson without a diaper and found the diaper in Eli's crib. I'm not so impressed with this new skill. Then after nap time Emerson had here E.I appointment but luckily that one was in our home so we didn't have to go any where.

I'm so exhausted and wish I felt better. Not a very relaxing day off.

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