Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still here....

Nice huh? This is during our clothes sorting and putting away adventure. 
(Can you spot the baby in this mess).

Our unpacking and cleaning is going very slowly. Between my new job and the two babies it's hard to get much done. (Although I did make a list for Marcus to try and work on tomorrow).

My new job is going well. It's very hectic and unorganized so I have a lot of catching up to do and a lot of planning for the upcoming fall. 

I'm exhausted. Really, really exhausted.

The babies are loving this moving thing. They take things out of boxes. The love the big empty spaces. (Eli's been trying to walk more with his arms straight up in the air because of all the space). They've been hilarious these last couple of days. At one point Emmy was laying in this box I just got the camera out too late.

Lots of cleaning is taking place. People keep asking me why we're cleaning. Do people seriously move into a new place and not clean? Really? That's unfathomable to me. 

 Not only is my home currently a chaotic mess. My office is also very sad and lonely. I don't yet have a desk or shelves or anything really. So I'm using a super tiny table as my desk and I have a piano bench to hold my printer. People keep walking in and laughing at my set up. It's all just a work in progress at the moment. For some reason there were also about 10 chairs in my office. I've moved most of them but a few remain including a rocking chair.

And finally, just because I think it's hilarious. Marcus took a picture of Eli and happened to catch him in the middle of a sneeze. Look at his cute puffed out cheeks. Haha funny stuff.

Good night!

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~Jess said...

I don't get the not cleaning thing either. That was the first thing we did when we bought our house was clean it...every room before we painted was scrubbed.

I love your office! :-)