Sunday, August 8, 2010

15 Months old!

15 Months old! They're both getting so big.

Lately they've both been particularly hilarious. I think one of my favorite things is they're both starting to understand what we ask them. A while ago at my mom's house we asked Eli where the ball was and he crawled over to the TV stand and looked underneath it. Sure enough the ball was underneath.

Emerson is also understanding more and more and she can show me where her nose and her belly button is. She also knows where my nose, Eli's nose, and Marcus' noses are. She's still really attached to her little stuffed pig we call piggy. She wants to eat with him and he gets hauled around everywhere. So he's really disgusting. This morning she threw him in the bath with Eli I guess she noticed he also needed a bath.

Eli is still struggling with the eating. He really tries to eat things with textures and he's so over the purees but overall it just doesn't work for him. Now that we're settled I'm going to looking back into EI services so we can start working with an OT again. He's so frustrated. Although he doesn't gag and throw up as much when he puts different textures in his mouth.

Emerson is loving food still and her new favorite at the moment is bananas. She wants them for breakfast, lunch and dinner so we've taken to hiding the bananas so she won't see them. 

As far as vocals go Emerson still pretty much just says "hi" over and over again. Especially to Eli. She loves her brother and they're so funny lately when they play together. They crack us up. Going in circles, chasing each other, wrestling with each other. The fun side of twin parenthood. 

Eli says dada and mama and maybe ball it's hard to tell. He throws everything in his reach and he's just a happy kid pretty much always smiling. One of their new favorite games is climbing al over their dad. Emerson just sort of throws herself over Marcus and then laughs hysterically.

Finally, some of the biggest news is Eli is walking. In the last couple of days he's really taken off and now he's attempting to run. He'll go and go and then fall and laugh and then stand up and do it all over again.

Not to jinx anything but the last three nights they've also gone to bed without any crying. Prior it would sometimes take over an hour to get them to bed, so this is a huge change and relief. 

They're at such a fun age right now and they crack us up all the time.

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~Jess said...

They're looking less and less like babies and more and more like little kids :-(

Can't believe they're already 15 months~