Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dr Eli and other random musings...

The babies have always loved Marcus' stethoscope and the other day Eli put it on himself like a doctor and was walking around I thought he looked adorable.

Speaking of adorable...

I love these pictures of Eli with his dad. He was just sitting and resting his head on Marcus and snuggling with him. The babies love their daddy.

A few more random tidbits that I just want to remember:

-Emerson said "mama" yesterday for the first time. I was talking to her about something like I always do and I said something along the lines of, "Mama's going to do it" and she looked and me and smiled and said clear as day in her little voice "mama". So incredibly sweet.

- This next story I'm not even sure if I should share but Marcus and I had a good laugh after the fact. Yesterday after work I was sitting on the couch typing something for the meeting I had that evening and Emerson came over and pushed on my laptop screen and pinched some skin in my leg. It hurt, I instinctively jerked my hand/arm, which was holding a can of Dr. Pepper and it splashed all over Emerson's face. Poor baby was so shocked by the whole thing and her face was just covered in soda. After I got her cleaned up Marcus and I couldn't stop laughing. Clearly, we're parents of the year.

-Emerson has been watching Eli walking and she's determined to follow suit. She's been taking 3 or 4 steps at a time (although unlike her brother she doesn't think falling down is fun). Yesterday. She had my cell phone up to her ear, she was taking about three steps, and saying, "hi, hi" over and over. It as adorable and hilarious. 

Finally a few text messages from Marcus that he's sent me while I'm at work. He hasn't yet found a job so he's been staying at home with the babies and doing a fabulous job being the "house husband" as we joke about it. If I made just a little bit more money he could stay home while I worked which would be ideal for both of us. Maybe one day when we're rich and famous or something.


Marcus: "Eli kind of fell down the stairs. Well only two steps. I caught him, he did like a cartwheel"

Me: "Is he okay? How did that happen?"

Marcus: "He was going down and weeeeeee off he went."

Haha I can laugh because Eli is fine and the way Marcus described the whole thing makes me laugh.

Another one:

Marcus: "I think Emmy just broke my xiphoid process" 

Who talks like that haha? At least he's putting his degree to good use.

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