Monday, August 9, 2010

7 Years Ago Today...

Marcus and I were married.
And I have to say this last year of marriage was by far the hardest. One thing that people don't really talk much about (or maybe it was just our case) is how hard having babies is on a person's marriage. Add in bedrest, prematurity, NICU, twins, grad. school, post postpartum depression/anxiety, difficult babies, etc and yeah it all really takes it's toll.

Marcus and I have probably argued more in this last year than we did in our previous six years combined.  We were suffering from exhaustion and stress and any number of things (many mentioned above) and it's just a recipe for diaster. 

I do have to say that I think we've come through it better than we were before. Things are without a doubt different in our relationship. That's to be expected when your family doubles in size but right now I'm in a really good place mentally and physically. The babies are finally sleeping better and we're settling back into our routine.

It gives me so much joy to watch Marcus be a dad to our kids. He's amazing at it and does it with an ease and a joy that I envy. I am so very blessed that he is mine and I so look forward to what the next years have to bring. I know that if we can make it through my parents divorce, infertility, undergraduate and graduate school, cross country moves, bedrest, NICU, twins, then we can meet any obstacles that come before us. Although it's been a challenging last year it's been a very good last year.

Happy 7 years Marcus love you!
(Photos by Brisham Photography)


Stacie said...

Happy Anniversary! We just had our 8th anniversary on the 2nd. :-)

~Jess said...

Happy Anniversary! It's wonderful how if we can get through the hardest things they truly do make our marriages so much better and stronger!

Carlita said...

Happy Anniversary! Definitely a year to remember!