Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Haircuts...

We've been (or should I say) I've been resisting giving the babies haircuts. I loved their crazy, messy, hair and many people kept telling me to cut their hair and for me that always makes me want to do the opposite (I don't know why I can't help myself).
See isn't their crazy, messy, hair fun?

She seems satisfied with messy hair

But today for some reason I felt inspired and so after looking up a place that cuts kids hair off we went on our hair cutting adventure.
While we waiting both Eli and Emerson explored a little bit by walking. They've never walked in public before and it struck me that my babies were growing up.

They were both a little nervous at first and just stood in one place but they eventually got brave and set off on their own.

I was trying to get a before shot of both of them but they didn't want to sit still.

Eli went first...

and for the most part it was very uneventful. He kept trying to look at himself in the mirror and he fussed a little bit when she cut around his ears but other than that he did really well.

Isn't he cute?

I'm not going to lie I was tempted to keep his hair like this. It looks cute short on the sides super long on top haha.

And then he was done. Looking all grown up with his new haircut. Another hair dresser took Emerson while Eli was finishing up. Marcus set her in the chair and she immediately started screaming. She was shaking, crying, and was hysterical. Poor baby. When Eli heard his sister start crying he immediately started looking around and getting upset himself so I had to take him over to see her. 

I picked her up and she kind of calmed down, but she was still very unsure about the whole thing.

I held her while we just trimmed up her bangs and the back a little tiny bit. She really didn't need much done.

She was being super dramatic in this picture.

And then she was done. 

I loved that they gave us locks of their hair and certificates for the occasion.  

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~Jess said...

They're growing up so much! Eli looks like a little boy with his hair cut and Emmy just looks adorable...poor baby crying.

What cute certificates they get too!