Sunday, August 15, 2010

It seems I'm the go to girl...

on all things job related. In the last two months I've created resumes for: Marcus, my sister, my mom, my sister-in-law, and my brother-in-law. My sister has contacted me on several occasions to help with cover letters and of course I've been assisting Marcus with his own job hunt.

Today, it seems my brother-in-law finally decided to put that newly created resume to work because he called me today for some very specific help. Which included:

Q. How do I upload a resume so the formatting doesn't get messed up?
A. Upload it as a PDF.

Q. How do I make a PDF.... wait how do I save the one you emailed me in word? How do I open the document? What do you mean.... etc, etc.
A. (Lots of step by step instructions I'll spare you the details).

*Hang up call #1*

*5 minutes later*

Q. How do you make it into a PDF?
A. I already told you how to do that.... okay fine I'll tell you again. (More step by step instructions).

*Hang up call #2*

*3 minutes later*

Q. How do I upload the document?
A. I don't know I have no idea where you're currently applying too. Usually you just use the upload button and then find what you want to upload in your documents file, but I can't really help you much more than that since I can't see the screen.

*Hang up call #3*

*2 minutes later*

Q. How do you spell immediately?

(In my mind I'm think you have got to be kidding me what am I your own personal dictionary, surely there are other ways to figure out how to spell words without a fourth phone call to me).

A. Um... you're on a computer use spell check.... okay fine you spell it...

*Hang up call #4*

It might be good if he finds a job quickly.


Carlita said...

Oh boy. It sounds like he needs to develop some better problem solving skills (very helpful for most jobs).

On the other hand, I plan to start job hunting again in a few months, now I know where to turn for help!

sadie607 said...

Haha Carlita I love him but yes he could probably think things through a little more.

That said if you do need anyone to look at a resume etc. I've had a lot of experience lately ;~)

~Jess said...

Don't you love being needed though? :-P

That was me at my job...if anybody needed anything they were sent to was so much fun! *note sarcasm*