Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're moving...

again. I swear we just did this. Of course this move is much closer around 200 miles instead of across the country. Marcus and I did a round trip yesterday hauling our stuff and Marcus and his dad are doing another one today. Then when they return the four of us (Marcus, me, babies) are going to our new home. Lots of driving, lots of cleaning, lots of re-packing, and unpacking.

To add to all the fun I start my new job tomorrow and in the midst of chaos I'm trying to prepare somewhat. At this rate I'll be lucky if I can ever find my clothes so I look somewhat presentable.

I don't know when I'll post again. Life is going to be crazy for a bit and we don't yet have internet at our new home.


Carlita said...

Best of luck with your move. I hope life stabilizes soon and I look forward to hearing about life in your new home once you get situated.

Looking at your most recent pictures I am amazed by how both the twins and my son (now 14 months) seem to have graduated to a new phase (toddlerhood?) practically overnight.

~Jess said...

Yay for your own place! I'm sure you're looking forward to being on your own again. I'll be praying for a smooth transition with EVERYTHING *hugs* to all of you.