Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On Monday and Tuesday Marcus and I went to the city where I've accepted the job to look for housing options. We stayed the night while the babies stayed with my mom, MIL, and aunt. The house hunting is exhausting and ridiculous (and Marcus and I are no good at it). Although I think we did decide on a place, but my favorite part of the whole trip was that I had an evening to myself.

On Monday evening Marcus really wanted to go see a movie and I really wanted to stay at the hotel by myself and read. It took a really long time to convince Marcus that movie going could in fact be a solitary activity but eventually he left, and I was alone and I read.

I think what I've missed the most since the babies being born is time alone. For the first 6 years of our marriage I had so much of it because of our schedules and I loved it. In fact I'm pretty sure I require alone time, as an introvert quiet moments are how I recharge and reenergize.

This need has led to some really late nights lately because I stay up way later than I should after everyone else goes to bed so I can have some time to myself, which isn't really the right solution to the problem because then I'm exhausted the next.

*sigh* this post has no point except to recognize that time alone is something I didn't really think about prior to becoming a mom and my quiet Monday night was very much needed.

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~Jess said...

I'm glad you got some much needed alone time. I do the same thing with staying up later than I should so that I have some time to myself.

Glad you guys found a potential place!