Friday, July 16, 2010


1st Ice Cream Cones + Swimming  = Summer!

Their grandparents decided it was time for some ice cream! They loved it!
Eli did not appreciate being served his ice cream second. The boy has no patience. 

A food he can actually eat since it just involves licking. 

Emerson liked the cone too.

After ice cream they went swimming (for some self cleaning from the ice cream)

Emerson loves, loves, loves, the water.

Eli doesn't mind it either...

But Emerson looks like this the whole time she's in the water. (This is one of my most favorite pictures ever of Emerson. She's so incredibly happy).

And she's even happy when she falls backwards and ends up on her back. She just laughs and splashes.

Eli trying to decide if he wants to come out.

My two cute water babies.

It's been really hot around here these last few days so spending time in the water is win win for everyone since they love it, it keeps them occupied and it's three million degrees. (And I would post more but it took a million hours for these pictures to post using my in-laws internet). We'll be moving soon. 


~Jess said...

Oh my goodness! They are too cute and too funny! I think I'd like to just sit around and have an ice cream and a pool at my disposal :-)

Gabbina said...

Thos pictures are super fun!! They totally gave me a smile, this morning.