Thursday, July 8, 2010

14 Months old!!

Today Eli & Emerson are 14 months old (one year adjusted) I failed to do a monthly update because of all our travels last month.

What Eli is doing:
*Crawling quickly everywhere. He has a tendency to not look at where he's going when crawling and run into things
* Loves being outside
* Loves his granddad who is usually willing to take him outside
*Still can't really eat things with texture. We're making really really slow progress on this. Last night he ate a teeny, tiny, piece of hamburger meet (and didn't throw up). He also has taken to just licking food since he can't seem to get it down. I'll be glad when we're settled and can start working with an OT again.
* Usually still wakes up once a night (at least, last night was a bad night).
* Has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom
* Cruises all over and has taken 2 independent steps before freaking out.
* Licks everything. It's so gross. He licks grass, concrete, bricks, walls, his Auntie Molly's toes, my arm, his arm, his bath water. EVERYTHING.
* Finally is attached to his blanket

* Babbles all the time. The boy is almost never silent these days.
* Loves playing with his dad
* Loves walking if someone is holding his hand
* Adores going up steps (which I do not adore so much).
* Laughs and plays with his sister
* Dances to any music he hears
Outside at Grammie's House
What Emerson is doing:
* Loves to eat pretty much anything.
* Crawls everywhere and follows her brother around
* Loves to play with balls and throw them
* Has 2.5 teeth on top and 2.5 on bottom
* Is still mostly attached to her mom and cries initially around others (she'll usually calm down if I leave)
* Likes to walk holding people's hands
* Dances when music is on
* Loves animals and waves and says "Hi" over and over each time she sees on
* Waves and tells Eli and others hi
* Knows to wave when people are leaving to indicate bye
* Will usually sleep through the night (kind of)
* Is attached to a little stuffed pig

* Loves markers, pens, pencils 
* Tries to mimic a lot of what we're doing
* Knows what phones are for and puts them to her ears and says, "Hi"

Also at Grammie's House

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~Jess said...

I love those sleeping shots of them! They're just so adorable Sadie! I miss them :-(

They grow up too fast.