Friday, July 23, 2010

One of those nights/days...

Last night and today = not so fun. Marcus got sick last night, really sick, throwing up and all that fun stuff, and the babies decided that last night would be a good night to make their mother (me) go crazy. Eli woke up at 2 and whined most of the night and Ms. Emerson lord help me wouldn't sleep from about 2 until 6. I brought her downstairs to rock and she fell asleep in my arms, then once back in the crib she started crying again, repeat, repeat.

At one point I was too exhausted for that game so I put her in bed with us but even that didn't work. She kept sitting up looking around and kicking me. Fun times. Plus Marcus was sick so I was also awake with him several times so I could get him water and things.

Morning of course came way to soon and with Marcus out of commission still it was just me and the babies today. I could hardly function and Emerson from her own lack of sleep spent the first 2.5 hours this morning just screaming. She wouldn't even really calm down in my lap.

Finally, I thought things were under control and they were finally playing quietly (which really should have been a clue that something was wrong). Then came a crash....
They grabbed onto one of my MIL's long hanging plants and pulled the entire thing off of the top shelf. The plant was a goner (sorry MIL), Emerson was flipping out (I think it scared her) and they were both just covered with soil.

They both knew they were in trouble too because when I moved them and set them aside so I could pick up the pot and try to clean up neither of them moved. If they started to move I just looked and said, "Stay" and they froze in place. I've never seen them so obedient before. (Emerson started crying every time I looked at her, perhaps it was her guilty conscious).

So due to the soil in the hair a bath was required and then I had to wait to finish cleaning up the mess until nap time because they're both still terrified of the vacuum. Eli started sobbing when I tried to vacuum and then after I turned it off he proceeded to yell at it (and me I think). 

Thankfully, nap time did arrive and I managed to nap for about an hour as well and then our awesome day resumed with more whining and crying. 

It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't feel absolutely exhausted with a massive headache. Moving required so much effort and energy today.

There were however a few redeeming moments:

* Eli walked across the living room yesterday! (We have a video I'll post once I get it updated).
* Eli and Emerson were chasing each other around the dining room table and laughing hysterically this afternoon (I love those moments).
* Eli does an adorable game of hide and seek where he goes behind the wall in the hallway and then pops his head out grinning, he does this over and over.
* Emerson put Marcus' huge heavy watch on her arm and was so pleased with her new accessory. 

Hopefully a better night, more sleep (for everyone), a healthy husband, and less crying will be our reality tomorrow.   


Ashlee G. said...

Stopping by from ICLW. Your kiddos are adorable!

Happy Saturday!


theworms said...

I hope your DH is feeling better. Sounds like you had your hands full with your little cuties.

Thanks for stopping by.


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Hope everyone is feeling better today!

Happy ICLW

~Jess said...

Oh my goodness! Our kids (and husbands) must be in discussions on the fastest way to drive mommy batty. Ave's had a few terrible nights and when we were in NH one of the worst and Matt was up throwing up most of the time.

That picture of them after the incident is too funny in a sad way lol I guess they were traumatized and felt guilty :-) *hugs to all of you*