Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geese don't have hands...

We only have one car. Which worked out okay when we lived in Mayberry because we could walk any where we needed to in our town. We now live in the city and since I have regular office hours it's become more complicated for us. Marcus, Eli, and Emmy have been going a little stir crazy so they drove me to work today.

Emerson was so excited because she thought she was going to work with me, Eli thought he was going to school, and they were both incredibly disappointed when they discovered they weren't even getting out of the car. Poor babies.

Their sadness was short lived because Marcus took them to a children's museum and "mini zoo" and they had hours of fun.

Marcus mentioned that they both were intrigued by the geese for different reasons.
Emerson just decided that she would mimic the goose. The goose made a noise, Emerson made it back. The goose shook it's head Emerson did the same. Every move the goose made Emmy did it back. This has been her new thing lately. I catch her mimicking me all the time.

Eli on the other hand is an observer. He likes to study things and try to figure them out. He has a great memory because he pays close attention to everything around him (I think this is why he walks so incredibly slow he's got to take the world in).

This morning offered him the chance to study a goose close up. His question to Marcus, "Where the geese hands is daddy?" Haha 3 year olds are cute. Marcus answered, Eli asked why, Marcus answered Eli asked why. 

They also saw some bats which where kept in a cave area. Eli & Emerson in describing their morning to me called it the "too dark" the bats where in the "too dark"

They loved it.

The climbed...

And where spiders on a web,

And made silly faces at their dad

And had a great morning.

Later they all brought me lunch at work. So even though the day started out as a dissapointment everything ended up being okay. They're both still adjusting to my working full time again.

I really really hope we can find a way to make sure they can go to preschool. Their preschool is at my church, it's a great program, and I think they will love it. Here's hoping and praying Marcus can find work. 


Jess said...

Praying with you.

Kids are definitely a stitch with what things they say and do.

Becca and Kent said...

So cute-Nicholas is also in the "why?" stage...and as cute as it is it sometimes drives me ca-razy! :) Of course I'd rather him be inquisitive than never wonder about things, though.

Your twins are just darling!