Friday, July 20, 2012

Disneyland (Finally)...

We've been back from our Disney trip for almost a month now and I'm finally getting around to blogging about. It was hard to go straight from Disney to moving (I don't really recommend that sort of vacation timing if it can be helped).

We all loved Disneyland. Eli & Emerson were adorable and they still talk about it all the time. Especially the princess. Just a warning I'm probably going to do multiple posts because I want to document as much of the trip as possible.

So here we go Disney Day #1

We drove to Disneyland straight from my mandatory work conference, and arrived in Anaheim just as the fireworks were starting. It was a fun start. Eli & Emerson were eager to see Tigger and the Princesses and were a little disappointed when we just went to our hotel room. Finding a present waiting for us in the room made it a little better for them.

 Some of my family. The whole reason for the trip to Disneyland was to celebrate my cousins High school graduation. They're family loves Disney and it was decided a couple of years ago. This is the group that made it. (which is much smaller than it should have been. For example none of my 5 siblings could make it). We met up with family from Minnesota and Nevada.

This picture was taken at 6am. We got an early "Magic Morning" Start for our Disney fun.
The Dumbo ride was one of the favorites for Eli & Emmy. We rode it 4 times during our trip.

Of course there were also teacups (but no spinning)

A small world (our group took up two full boats)

Hanging out in the stroller. If you go to Disneyland and your kids still fit in a stroller bring one, it's so much walking.

My uncle and Eli hanging out.

The graduate on the left with Emerson and her sister on the right with Eli. 

Riding on the train. Eli was in love. He could have ridden around on the train all day long.

On the buzz light year ride.

Eli met Pooh Bear (& Tigger but my aunt has that picture). He was so cute, and excited to finally meet someone, since we had been talking about it for so long. Emmy wasn't  brave enough yet to meet the characters but by the end of the trip she was a pro.

Things in the park got a little busy. So we headed back to our hotel for some down time and swimming.

My water babies. I think they would live in the water if we would let them. Especially Emerson.

Then we had a Pizza picnic with the family before heading back to the park.

As we walked in we saw Princess Ariel. Emmy so badly wanted to be braver than she was, but wouldn't get out of my arms. 

She did decide she wanted a hug though. Princesses would become the highlight of the trip for both Eli & Emerson.

Then we went on the carousal. Another big hit (We rode this 5 times I think during our trip).

It's an added bonus that there's never really a big line for this ride. Marcus liked it too!

We stayed late that night for one of the shows. Emmy was a little scared by it and hung out in the stroller. Eli watched from Marcus shoulders and occasionally asked to be put down if something started to scare him. Emerson was not a fan of the "booms" which is what she calls the fireworks.

We got back to our hotel around 11pm. A long day of Disney fun. They fell asleep on the walk back to the hotel.

Day #2 our Hollywood tour coming tomorrow. I know you're excited haha :~)

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