Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Color Run...

Several months ago Marcus and I (well mostly me if I'm being honest) had this great idea to try and get our old high school cross-country team together to do the color run.

I was so excited!! Then, nobody could it, except for two of our friends, then the day before the race one of those friends had a job interview and couldn't make it.

So it wasn't even close to being the entire old cross-country team but we still have a good time and we did the COLOR RUN!!

For those who don't know about this run, it involves wearing a perfectly white shirt, then running a 5k, at different points during the course you get colored "dye" thrown at you. By the end you're a colorful mess. 

Me and my friend Jamie. She is one of my best friends from high school (was the maid of honor at my wedding).  This the before shot.

Me & marcus "before"

Eli & Emmy came along for the run too. Dressed in their whites. We brought towels in case the color freaked them out. They were very tired and not yet in the mood for much.

Waiting to start with 15,000 of our closest friends haha.

Emmy decided that riding in the stroller was not for her. She wanted to run. She was wearing sandals but that didn't stop her. She probably ran 2k without stopping, and then spent the rest of the race walking and riding in the stroller. She loved the color.

Marcus after the race was over. Nice and colorful.

Marcus & Emmy (she was upset because she wasn't right at my side. My little side kick)

Me & Jamie after. Jamie really got hit hard by the blue. Part of me isn't very colorful because I often picked up Emmy as we ran through the color areas. It was so dusty you visibility was really low and I was afraid she would get trampled. 

I also decided to wear the bandana to protect my hair. I read on the site that sometimes it can take a few days for some of the color to come out of hair. Since I was officiating a funeral the next day I decided I might not want to have various colored streaks.

All done with the race. In need of a bath.

Jamies boyfriend came along for moral support. He managed to stay perfectly clean (he's not a runner haha).

It was a good time. I would do it again. Emmy would too...
 I think Eli will pass he was not a huge fan of getting color throw at him.

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Debbie said...

Looks like so much fun. It's funny, because another blogger I read did this acouple of weeks ago in Minnesota.