Monday, July 23, 2012

Disney Day #3...

Day three was another early morning (but not as early as day #1). Eli and Emerson now had an idea about what Disneyland entailed and they were excited to go back and see some Princesses.

But first we started our day at Toontown. We got to the gate right as it was opening and Mickey and Minnie Walk down to let everyone in. 

Then we met Mickey. (Emmy still wasn't into hugging the characters). This would change soon.

Then we got the whole family involved and spent some time touring Mickey's house. (Which is actually what Eli calls him. Instead of Mickey Mouse he says Mickey House)

Hanging out on the dog bed

Eli loved this camera (he loves all camera real or fake)

Riding in Mickey's car. A big highlight. Eli kept saying, "I ride in Mickey's car but you too big"

Then over to Minnie. Emmy loved Minnie and had no problem giving her a hug. I think maybe it's because Minnie had on a dress. Emmy does love her dresses.

Tea party time.

Then we met goofy. Eli handed goofy is puppy, and goofy gave it a big lick.

Emmy was willing to stand next to him but only with Marcus

And then we got in line to meet the Princesses. It actually wasn't a bad wait only about 30 minutes and they were very patient. It was so worth it. 

The both loved loved loved the princesses. Even now they still talk about them, and Emmy had no problem hanging out with them. We met Belle

And Jasmine

And Princess Tiana who was Eli's very favorite. He saw her and said, "I go see that princess"

Then we went and had a dance lesson with Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty

Eli loved it and closely followed Snow White where ever she went.

Then we met some more new friends and by this point Emmy had it figured out and didn't have a problem with any of the characters.

Mickey & minnie changed their clothes

We also went to a dance party with some of the "Lesser" seen characters. Emmy & Eli would have danced all day if we would have let them.

We headed over to California Adventure in the afternoon to go and watch the Aladdin Show. It was so well done and Emerson loved it. She was captivated the entire time. Eli on the other hand was scared as soon as they turned down the lights so Marcus had to leave with him.

This was one of my favorite acts. The Newsboys. It made me wish I was involved in music theater. 

After the parade in California Adventure we went back to the hotel for a break because the park was getting really busy and we were all hot and tired.

We headed back to Disney that night and I honestly don't really remember what we did. It was crazy busy, people everywhere and it was hard to move. Our entire group rode on the Tram, and we shoved ourselves into an over filled car. They almost didn't let Marcus on with the stroller but were all sitting on each others lap.

Unkie (what I call my uncle) and Emerson look a little bit tired on the tram.

I think the other people we shoved ourselves on their with were less than amused by our huge group of 18. The previous day my cousin decided that as a means to determine if we were all present and accounted for, we should have a roll call system. We were each assigned a letter in which we were suppose to spell Disneyland.

The entire phrase was suppose to be "D-I-S-N-E-Y-L-A-N-D Let's All Go"
(The babies didn't get a let to call) It never worked out at all but it didn't stop us from trying.

We got back to the hotel late, and we had to go to a different room because our room's air conditioner wasn't working. Eli & Emerson were so tired from the long days and so were Marcus and I.

And that was Day #3. Lot's of Disney Fun!

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