Monday, July 16, 2012

I officiated a wedding...

I finally officiated my first wedding! The added bonus is that it was for two friends from college. Such a great time.

Eli & Emerson loved the wedding and for some reason (maybe because I was more centrally involved) they had a lot of questions about marriage and who is married to who.

Emmy and I had this conversation on friday after the rehearsal.

Emmy: Mama are you married?
Me: Yup I am. Who do you think I'm married to?
Emmy: Jesus.

Haha it was a good try. Then we had this conversation.

Emmy: mama I want to get married.
Me: Ok you can one day.
Emmy: I'm going to marry you.
Me: okay and who is Eli going to marry?
Emmy: daddy.

Then Marcus and I were asking Eli & Emmy questions about people in our family who are married to see if they were understanding the concept at all.

Me: Is gram married?
Eli/Emmy: Yes
Me: Who is she married to?
Eli/Emmy: Granddad

haha so they got that one right, but perhaps only because they're a package deal in their mind. The pretty much only see their grandparents together.

Me: What about Uncle Luke is he married?
Eli/Emmy: No
Me: What about Tia Mara is she married.
Eli/Emmy: No
Me: yes they are they're married to each other.
Eli/Emmy: No they're not

It's possible they don't get the concept.

However, Disneyland had some staying power because according to both Eli & Emerson the bride in her dress was the princess. After we left the wedding they kept asking, "Where the princess go?"

Fun times. (I have pictures but they were taken by a friend my camera died at the wedding). It was in a gorgeous location in Wine country.

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Debbie said...

awwww....they think we're married. I miss them so much!! (and you too)