Sunday, July 29, 2012

Disney Day #4...

Finally, our last day in Disney. On our 4th and final day in the parks we decided that Eli & Emerson had to be allowed to sleep until they woke up on their own. We really pushed them the previous three days with late bedtimes and early wake-up times and they did great, but Marcus and I were exhausted so I can only imagine what they must be feeling.

It ended up being a great decision on our part. They slept until about 10am and then after breakfast we headed back over to the park.

We waited in line to meet Rapunzel. Out of all the Disney characters and princesses this was the only movie Eli & Emmy had seen.

The loved her. Especially Emmy.

Emmy didn't want to let go.

More hugs

And the whole family

A quick Walk with Snow White

And we ran into the fairy godmother too.

And this white rabbit guy.

Eli & Emerson had cotton candy for the first time. When we handed it to them, they weren't sure what to do with it, and didn't believe me when I told them they could eat it. However, once they did they were hooked. Good thing they had lots of cousins willing to share.

This picture is kind of a joke. When we went to disneyland 10 years ago as seniors in high school some guy stood next to this statue and said, "you did it Walt, you did it."

Of course as ridiculous 18 year olds we thought this was hilarious. So I had to go and tell Walt that he did it. (The sign on the statue says "I think most of all what I want Disneyland to be is a happy place where parents and children can have fun together." ~Walt Disney)

We did have a lot of fun.

The rest of the day we went on some other rides with Eli & Emmy, later in the day we met back up with my Aunt and she took the kids so Marcus and I could use our fast passes or Indiana Jones and Space Mountain and then we headed over to California Adventure. We hit up as much as we could (but avoided Cars land). Cars land had only been open for a few days when we were there and it was crazy. I had no desire to enter into the crazy. I figure we'll go to Disney again someday and we'll see it when the big appeal dies down a little.

A family picture in front of the castle and Tinkerbelle showed up.

Marcus and I giving Disney a thumbs up (the photographer made us do it) haha.

The very last thing we did was ride on the roller coaster "Screamin" with my cousins. So fun. It's been a long time since i was on what I consider to be a "real" roller coaster.

I loved, loved, loved, Disneyland and can't wait until we can go back again. This time maybe in the fall.

Eli & Emerson still talk about Disneyland and the Princesses that they got to meet. Lots of fun. 

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