Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disney Day #2 Hollywood...

Our second full day at Disney wasn't at Disney at all (which I recommend doing). Taking a day away from the park is good.

The big extended family group of 18 decided we'd take a day and do a tour of Hollywood. We rented a Hummer limo which comfortably sat all of us (including the 3 in carseats) and off we went.

Eli was ready to go and he insisted on bring his mickey ears

As did Emerson.

And the other little carseat friend Maecyn (I have no idea how to spell her name) My cousin's daughter.

We went and saw some stars. I was surprised at how run down so much of this area is. There were stars  on the sidewalk by a pep boys. I wonder if those one were cheaper to purchase. 

The Hollywood sign off in the distance.

And this place...

Our ride for the day.

We spent some time at the Greystone Mansion

My cousin and Eli

Eli & Emerson ran up and down that path multiple times

The patio area of the Limo

We ended the day with some time at Venice beach. Where we had lunch

On the grass with crazy seagulls circling us

Emmy had a large snow cone

And my girl loved loved loved the beach and the ocean. We went into the water and she had no fear. She kept trying to let go of me. It scared me so much. I had all these horrible images of her begin swept away by a wave. She would have stayed all day.

Our family on the beach

They were exhausted by the time we drove back home for the evening. 

And that was day #2. 

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