Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Sick...

I actually feel worse this week than I did last week.

Emerson came to hang out with me in bed this morning. When she decided she was ready to get up, she handed me her piggy, covered me up with her blanket, gave me a kiss and said "night mama."

She came back about 20 minutes later to get her piggy back, but it was sweet that she was willing to part from it for any amount of time.

Apparently, I was slightly zombie like behind the pulpit yesterday. Marcus told me after the service that I looked really out of it and I would randomly start dozing off.

He told me he was trying to give me subtle hints to "look alive" but I didn't catch on at all. I was confused by his weird facial expressions. Perhaps we'll have to work on our silent communication.

I wonder if anyone else noticed my zombie like appearance.  I'll be honest I don't remember a lot of the service.

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